2004 Independent Spirit Award Nomination
Best Documentary

2003 Berlin Film Festival, International Forum
The Berliner Zeitung Readers' Jury Prize

Granted by Berlin's daily newspaper, the 9-member jury screened all of the 52 films from 24 countries chosen by the International Forum of the Berlin Film Festival. In awarding their prize to Paul Devlin's "POWER TRIP", the jury made this statement:

"POWER TRIP is a film full of energy, about energy and about what happens when there is a lack of energy, or when it doesn't flow. It's also a film about the reason why supplying energy to Georgia (a former Soviet Republic) is proving so difficult to do. The film distinguishes itself through its dense illustration of the circumstances and complications and through its privileged yet critical insight into the structures and difficulties of a global, profit-oriented company - despite the seeming impenetrability of the complex connections. "Power" is a word with several meanings in English. The unbelievable ingenuity of the residents of the capital of Tbilisi in dealing with daily life and bureaucracy is depicted in an accurate and, ultimately, tragicomic manner."

A cash prize of 2,500 Euros accompanies the Berliner Zeitung Reader's Jury Prize.

2003 Berlin Film Festival, International Forum
A Special Mention by the International Confederation of Art Cinemas

"Based on the incalculable availability of electricity in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, Paul Devlin forcefully reveals how fragile (and marketable) commodities no longer considered a luxury have become in times of political and economic upheaval."

This award seeks to bring attention to non-mainstream films that the confederation believes merit release in Art House Cinema.

2003 Florida Film Festival
The Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary Feature

2003 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival
Best International Documentary - Feature

2003 Transparency International Film Festival
Best Documentary Award (1000 Euro Cash Prize)

2003 Port Townsend Film Festival, Washington
Best Documentary

2003 Red Bank International Film Festival, New Jersey
Best Documentary

2003 Freiburg Okomedia Environmental Film Festival, Germany
"Golden Lynx" - First Prize for Best Journalistic Achievement

2003 Ecomove Film Festival, Berlin, Germany
Grand Prix

Grierson 2004 Nomination
The British Documentary Awards

Best International Television Documentary

Cinemabiente 2004
Environmental Film Festival
Torino, Italy

"Giovani della Consulta Provinciale degli Studenti di Torino" Prize
Best Environmental Documentary (1500 Euro cash prize)